Hero Dog Saves Dog Pal from Rushing Rapids

A touching video of a dog in peril in rapid waters is rescued by his hero dog friend. You have to see it to believe it.

A Black Labrador Retriever leaps into a river to fetch a stick, but gets caught by the powerful current. His concerned and quick-thinking Yellow Lab friend grabs onto the other end of the branch as he almost passes him by. Neither of them release their grip on the stick which allows him to be saved.

Dog’s aren’t just man’s best friend – they’re also dog’s best friend.
“We were at Yuspe River playing with our dogs. They always play tug with sticks,” the dogs’ owner said, according to “The dogs weren't hurt, and they enjoy every minute they play in water.”
A Little Experience Goes a Long Way!

Pet owners are reminded to stay in shallow water and near edges of the shore with their dogs. If your dog is still learning to swim, keep them on a leash and get in the water with your dog. In a river, creek or lake, keep a life jacket on your dog and be cautious of the current. Never leave your pet alone in the water. When it comes to teaching dogs to be safe in the water by learning to swim, experts recommend avoiding excessive noise that could frighten them, using an encouraging voice, supporting their weight until they feel comfortable enough to paddle, slowly putting them into the water, and showing them how to get out of the water safely.

To see a dog do this honestly does not suprise me. They are very inteligent and compasionate. This is exactly the reason that so many dog owners consider them part of the family as if they were their children.

The video footage posted in the link above is by shows two dogs playing near the water when one of them jumps in to grab a stick. After being dragged away by the rough current, the dog’s friend jumps in to help.

by Noah’s Animal Figurines
This article was published on Thursday 13 July, 2017.
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