Photo Weave FAQ

Below, we've listed a number of our most frequently asked questions. Also, you'll find helpful hints to make your Photo Weave products the best it can be. This frequently asked questions section relates to the Personalized Gifts  from Your Photo product category.

What photos can I use?

Any photo you like! There are a few guidelines we'd like to offer, though.

  • High contrast - a nice, high contrast photo will always work best. A white subject on a white background will not yield the best product, nor will dark on dark. If there is a good deliniation between lights and darks, good detail in the subject and a balance in contrast, your blanket or wall hanging will turn out beautifully.
  • Large Subject Matter- if your subject matter (a person, a pet, a building, etc) takes up the majority of the photo, you will be able to see more detail and the colors will be more vibrant and true-to-life. If the subject is too small, you might consider cropping the photo so that the subject takes up roughly 60-80% of the image. We may need to crop your photo to best achieve a proportion of 8x10.
  • Color - try to choose a photograph with realistic coloring. If the face in the photograph is bright pink, chances are that your Photo Weave product will not look as realistic as you hope. Try to pick a photo with good skin tones, nice colors and one that is not too faded or old. Remember, while we will do some minor color correction and tone enhancements, what you send is what you will receive. The better and more realistic your photo is, the happier you will be with the finished product.
  • Old Photos - while we can certainly make your Photo Weave product from any photo, older photographs are not always the best choice. They can be faded or the color can change over time. For best results, pick the clearest, most color-rich older photograph you have.
  • Focus - please make sure that the photo you send is in focus. We can do minimal sharpening, but a crisp photo will always work best
  • Black & White Photos - we can create your Photo Weave product from a black and white photo. No problem!
  • Professional Photographs - any photograph taken by a professional photographer cannot be reproduced without written permission from the photographer.
  • Copyrights and Trademarks - We cannot accept photographs of copyrighted materials, such as theme characters and sports mascots.

What about Digital Photography?

No problem! You can send your camera files to us directly. We recommend that you use at least a 2 megapixel camera or higher. If you send as a JPEG, please make sure to use minimal compression. If you over-compress, the image will be blurry and pixelated. It is better to send a larger file as opposed to a smaller file. For digital photographs, please make sure that the photo is of reasonably high resolution, as a photo that is too small will result in a muddy, low resolution end product. We suggest a minimum of 1280x960 pixels, or roughly 1 megapixels. Please follow the above suggestions, as it will help yield the best finished piece.

How many people/pets/buildings can I have in my photo?

You can have as many as you'd like, but remember that the smaller the detail, the less likely it is to show up in a woven piece. A blanket with a couple of large faces will yield higher detail in those faces compared to a photo with 10 people in it.

How long will it take?

3-4 weeks. Sometimes, much faster. A lot of that depends on the time of year and the number of orders we have.

** Orders for Christmas must be placed before December 1st.

Are these products printed?

No! These products are jacquard woven, 100% cotton. Never printed.

Will the images and colors fade?

No! The images are woven of 100% cotton, so they will never fade - even after repeated washings.

Are these products washable?

Absolutely. Our products are machine washable. We recommend cold water and tumble drying on the lowest setting.

Will my photograph be returned to me?

Yes. We will include your photograph when we ship your Photo Weave item.

Where are these products?

View the Personalized Gifts from Your Photo category.

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